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Welcome to Hate! A Sith Guild on Dark Reaper.

Jookster (alt Cleanslate) - Guildmaster
Gibbon (alt Sadet) - Co Guildmaster
Tharrik (alt Elis) - Officer

Guild News

Things I wish I knew before I started playing SWTOR

nuvxcube, Jan 2, 12 2:31 AM.
I found a long and very useful tip guide entitled "Things I wish I knew before I started playing SWTOR" on I reposted it on the forums

I highly recommend you skim over this for valuable information. Additionally Tharrik posted enough helpful website link on the forums for a smaller guide with some useful tips.


Datacron Guide

nuvxcube, Dec 29, 11 6:26 PM.

Hey Guild

A bit on datacrons..which are cube shaped boxes spread over all the worlds in the game. There are 66 total datacrons found in out of the ways places. Why are they important? You will earn a new codex entry that gives you a piece of the Galactic History, as well as earning a permanent stat buff to your character. Additionally, certain Datacrons will give you a colored Matrix Shard (in lieu of a stat buff) that you can use to build a Matrix Cube which can be equipped in one of your three relic slots.

The following is a webpage guide to all the datacrons. Take some time to go find them, they are well worth the effort.

Guild News and Upcoming Information

HateAdmin, Dec 23, 11 3:52 PM.
Hey Guild,

Jookster, Tharrik and I (Gibbon) are pleased you have joined our recently created guild: <Hate>. Please take a moment to read a few annoucements.

1. We encourage everyone to register on the website but it isn't mandatory.
2. We are going to be updating the main page of the site with a few articles over the next few days. Things like guides to crew skills, datacron locations and some other good tutorial type articles that are useful for starting out in Swtor, so be sure and check the website often!
3. Bioware has promised a guild bank feature in-game soon so look for that in the near future. They also have mentioned guild capitol ships! We will post more info when we know about it.
4. The focus of the guild right now is leveling and recruiting. As we grow and level up we will be looking at end game content (raiding) and some pvp.
5. Feel free to recruit quality members to the guild (type /ginvite name) to invite someone to the guild.
6. There are open Liutenant and Officer positions in the guild. Those that show an interest and work to benefit the guild may be asked to fill those ranks.
7. Vent (or some kind of chat server) may be added for guild use soon!

That is all,
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